It's time to spice up your interior

Furnishing or remodeling your house is quite expensive as it is. That's why we offer three straight forward services and use no-nonsense pricing. No hidden fees, no surprises, no drama. Check our services below, or...


...Customize to your needs

Renovation management - Interior advice - Furniture advice - Color advice - Light plan - Floor plan 2D and/or 3D - Mood boards - Material boards - Interior styling - Personal shopping - Shopping lists


Service 1 - Interior Consult

Looking for on-the-spot interior advice? We got you!


Service 2 - Interior Plan

A detailed plan for one or more rooms. All you need to do is execute.


Service 3 - Interior Design

Looking to outsource the execution of your project? It's our expertise.

How we work

Our working method depends on what service level you desire. Our level 1 interior consult includes a call or a meeting of approximately 2 hours during which we'll discuss your needs, wishes and bottlenecks. You'll get instant interior advice which you can immediately put to work. Within a week you'll receive a mood board for future reference.


Our level 2 interior plan includes a detailed plan for one or more rooms. You'll get a fun 2 hour call or intake during which we'll walk around your home or project site and chat about your dream interior. The intake is followed by a quote and once approved we'll start working on a complete interior plan which usually includes a mood and material board, a first 2D sketch and if needed a second 2D sketch, followed by a final 2D and/or 3D plan. All you need to do is execute.

If needed, we'd love to make a shopping list for your furniture and accessories or even do all the shopping for you so you can take advantage of our business relations and sharp price negotiations.

Our level 3 interior design is the execution of level 2 and happens to be our expertise. We'll manage your entire project from A to Z and back and with our broad network of branch professionals, we can assure you a smooth renovation or remodeling. Sit back, relax and let us do the work.

Life's too short for boring interiors!



Book an appointment at any time to suit your schedule.

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